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Monday, August 21, 2006

More thoughts on Office 2.0

My post on web apps drew a response from Craig.

He makes a number of good points - I'll briefly highlight my favourites.

  • Craig has a "Quick launch" module on his Google homepage for, well, quickly accessing web apps. It's not publically available yet, but looks like a killer.
  • If you're offline and you can't work - take a break! He's quite right there.
  • Fullscreen mode: to enlarge a web app's screen real estate, just hit whatever key on your browser gives you fullscreen mode.

    At the moment I'm giving Writely a work-out. (Like many web apps, it won't load in Opera, so I keep an up-to-date copy of Firefox on system to test apps). It's quite neat, but the big problem is a simple lack of power. There are a lot of things only a desktop app like MS Office can do which I need to use - styles, generation of indexes of table and captions, inserting images and charts and giving them captions that update in the text, etc. etc.

    When online apps are essentially online versions of Office, then I might be ready to switch! Until then though, they are ideal for people with simpler requirements.

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    Thought that blog might interest you in terms of your online word processor of choice. I don't work for Zoho but I do blog a lot about them but it's out of pure interest and happens to be what I am testing at the moment.
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