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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Web apps - no future?

This post is an excellent rundown of the reasons why "web apps" have little future.

For me, the most compelling point is We have to type in addresses to get to applications. Websites run applications. But instead of just clicking naturally, we type in an address, then fill in login information, then click. This is a key point - why would people want to use a clunky browser interface instead of a (relatively) quick and clean desktop app? The only reason might be to be able to access their data from any web-connected computer. Omnidrive may well provide a solution to that as it matures with a virtual "drive" for desktop use and a website for remote data access. Of course the machine you're using to access your data might lack the needed desktop apps to view and manipulate your data - here web apps have a place.

Or maybe a simple online version of Office will spring forth from Microsoft as part of its "Live" strategy?

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Just thought I would offer up a different point of view here.

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