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Saturday, May 10, 2008

English village fete calendar/guide

'Tis the season for village fetes. I love to go to these with my family -- my mum loves the cakes and teas (I don't mind them either), the kids love the games. A nice way to see a nice bit of proper English countryside. We'd always found out about local fetes through a BBC local website "what's on" guide. Well turns out that the almighty and all-arrogant BBC have closed this event guide (it was the only useful thing on their local website).

After a bit of googling I've found the Innocent Smoothie village fete calendar, which seems to fit the bill. Not that many entries on there yet though :-(, but better than nowt. If you know of any village fetes that aren't on there already do submit them!

Cute website too.

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