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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Killer demo of Windows Presentation Foundation

An excellent demonstration via PodTech of how Windows Presentation Foundation can be used to produce slicker and much more engaging interfaces for web 2.0 services. The company is thirteen23.

Don't forget that to run WPF apps you only need .NET 3.0 - not Vista. Any Windows XP computer can run these apps. I tried thirteen23's Flickr Nostalgia app on my four-year-old laptop and it ran a treat.

Can Apollo compete with this? I'd like to see a demo that is as compelling. Apollo has being cross-platform in its favour, but with the dominance of Windows in the market is that important? I think not - companies code for the biggest market, and that's Windows.

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Thanks for the link to thirteen23! Great Windows Presentation Foundation demos. I also liked denounce and cine.view. Too cool.
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