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Monday, April 02, 2007

Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke speak

Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke have made statements about the affair, with introductory posts on their blogs - Sierra's and Locke's (Locke is using his "Rageboy" ID).

One thing I note is that Locke still claims that he deleted unclebobism himself. So why did wordpress.com bother to put up "this blog breaks our terms of service" notices on a blog that had already "been deleted"? Draw your own conclusions.

Locke's post also dissolves into a standard "protect free speech" post. Writing from a country (the UK) where hate speech is illegal and our society is considerably better for it, I cannot agree.

Sierra and Locke also appeared on CNN today. If I can find a clip I'll post it here.

My own position on the matter remains unchanged. I believe people involved in pathetic hate-blogs like meankids and unclebobism do not deserve to be included in the Conversation. Furthermore, and importantly, comments posted on blogs that are about nothing but the sexualisation of females should be deleted on sight.

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Interesting that KS says she does not believe that Locke, Sessum or Paynter were responsible for the post in question, but does not mention Herrell.
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