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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Reality check on Apollo

Marc Canter has some good posts calling Apollo: Yet Another Closed Platform and Apollo supporters speak up, I point out that….

Particularly telling is that it seems that Adobe has done this before, yet everyone forgot it. What's different this time?

And what about Java? Java is a cross-platform runtime that lets people code a variety of apps, from a tool that analyses harddisk usage to excellet JUploadr, which allows you to load your photos onto Flickr or Zooomr from any computer, be it Linux, Windows or Mac. People knock Java for poor performance but those days have gone - go to java.com to get the latest updates, as they're much faster than before.

Apollo - and competitors such as Microsoft's consumer-confusing WPF/E - seem to be about being "rich", i.e. full of glitz and candy like 3D and shadows. To be honest, I could do without that - I'm not a fan of OSX or Aero, as they don't enhance my productivity. I'd rather have a well-written Java app than a fancy but hard to use Flash app.

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