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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Not thinking straight: Paynter is not the bad guy here

In my previous post I accused Paynter of being complicit as the post attacking Maryam Scoble was made on March 16, and for some time thought Paynter didn't take meankids down until March 24. As I researched more, I realised he in fact pulled the blog on March 17 - the next day, quite possibly in reaction to the Maryam post.

But I didn't process that fully and left my call to ostracize Paynter standing. I now withdraw that statement - Paynter is one of the better guys in all this. Not the best - he is still the founder of a pretty pathetic site - but not the worst.

Chris Locke is.

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Chris Locke deleted the UncleBob site before this controversy, as he explains on his blog, because he didn't like the direction it had taken. Stop the witch hunt.
He doesn't say any such thing. He didn't even delete it - wordpress.com did.
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