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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Death threats and sexualisation are not acceptable

Kathy Sierra has had death threats and other obscene things posted about her. This is, of course, totally unacceptable behaviour. The police are investigating and I look forward to the people behind these pathetic comments being arrested.

This has caused much activity in the blogosphere, as you can imagine. Robert Scoble is even stopping blogging for a week to show his support for Kathy - good for him, I totally support Robert.

Frank Paynter, who is one of the people behind the blog where the comments appear, has his say here.

Chris Locke (aka "RageBoy") also responds and explains much of the background. However Locke tries (but fails) to score points where he can. Locke even states that he "didn't think for a minute that they were "threatening", referring to the horrific picture you can see on Sierra's blog.

Reading his explanation for the "meankids" and "unclebobism" blogs he posted on which hosted the attacks on Sierra, it's clear that Chris Locke is an idiot.

Jeneane Sessum, who was also implicated, says she was never associated with "unclebobism" but that's not the accusation - Sierra says she was part of the original "meankids" site. BlogHer, who Sessum contributes to, has a post up.

BTW this pathetic behaviour is endemic in the blogosphere - I guess there are a number of men who retain incredibly sexist views. Just read the comments on TechCrunch about the Ning demo to see.

Why are comments like that ever tolerated? Why did TechCrunch not delete such purile comments on sight?

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