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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alive in the Deadpool

TechCrunch has a "Deadpool" which lists failed web start-ups. One of the residents is FilmLoop, a product that makes Flash slideshows of still photos. TechCrunch "added" FilmLoop into the Deadpool with this post, followed up with this, on 12 February.

But a visit to FilmLoop reveals a very-much-alive service. Videos play and the homepage lists new slideshows that are only six hours old.

What gives? Maybe the servers are still running until the money for hosting runs out. But I'll be amazed if there's no sysadmins looking after it, and if your company was wound up wouldn't you pull the power and hosting plugs straight away? No, it looks to me like Filmloop is very much an ongoing concern.

FilmLoop isn't the only example, either. Browster was also declared dead by Arrington, although tellingly he says "everyone connected with the company is being so quiet about this is a little odd, given that the site is down". The site is in fact very much not dead. Browster's (rather sporadic) blog even has a post from the day after Arrington declared it dead.

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