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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What happened to local.live.com?

I used to be able to go to local.live.com and get a Google Maps-like interface. Microsoft presented, in my experience, better maps and aerial imagery, but with a rather slower and more cluttered interface (I think that sums up Microsoft vs. Google pretty well!). Wikipedia has a good article complete with screenshots.

However when I go to the URL now, I get redirected to intl.local.live.com which just presents two strange search boxes - "what" and "where". I have no idea how to just get an aerial view of my house, for example. Entering "my house" and then my postcode, the first idea that came into my head, just gave an error message. Trying my postcode alone just gave an annoying message asking me to put something in the "what" box. Why should I? I couldn't be bothered to try anything more - back to Google Maps (who have greatly improved their route-finding, I notice).

Has the old local.live gone? If not, where is it hiding?

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It still works for me. I believe that they have come up with a better URL though...maps.live.com
I'm at a loss - that URL also redirects to a "local search" page. The results of a search is just a text list that takes up more than half a screen and a low-res Mappoint map in the other...
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