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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

IMDb gets a make-over - no more anti-marketing design?

The Internet Movie Database - one of the oldest of the "big" sites on the net - has had a redesign, and has lost it's original style, which by now was looking distinctly "retro". It was still using the original Internet style of a serif type face and blue hyperlinks, with only basic formatting. A few moths ago there were internal changes - a move to using CSS - but the original theme had been preserved. Now it's gone.

The IMDb had become known as an example of "anti-marketing design", though more by accident through ageing than by design. Scoble said "We trust [these sites] more when they look like they were done for the love of it rather than the sheer commercial value of it."

Interestingly the doyen of anti-marketing design was Plentyoffish.com, but that's had a make-over too (though it still looks a bit crap). Seems the lure of anti-marketing doesn't hold forever.

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