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Saturday, February 10, 2007

An honest appraisal of Vista vs. OSX

From TechCrunch: Vista vs. OSX. This is by the most down-to-earth, hype-free and objective review I've seen. I'm particularly impressed that it doesn't get sucked into the "OSX is so much easier to use" mantra, because it isn't. OSX is in fact completely baffling to first-time users. What do the three coloured dots (that colour-blind people can't see) do? How do you launch a program? Open a drive? Switch between tasks? With Windows it's completely intuitive - the minimise and close buttons are obvious, "Start" couldn't be clearly (and listing the most commonly used programs is a smart touch), and the task bar is immediately obvious in function.

Mac fanboys like to attack Windows at every chance but in fact there's a lot wrong with OSX and a lot right with Windows.

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