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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Florence Devouard's quote and bloggers

I'm a little confused.

Philippe Mottaz quoted Devouard as saying:
"At this point, Wikipedia has the financial ressources to run its servers for about 3 to 4 months. If we do not find additional funding, it is not impossible that Wikipedia might disappear"

But now Laurent Haug quotes:
Me: “When we prepared this speech, Florence told me that Wikipedia has enough cash to pay for its server for the next…”

Florence Devouard: “Three months. Roughly.”

Me: “and if we don’t do something, Wikipedia won’t be here in three or four months. That’s a radical idea, it’s not going to happen but…”.

FD: ”...three months is a bit negative. [...] We have somebody making plans for two years in the future, I think we will survive in the next three months”.

That's two very different interpretations, apparently of the same discussion. I can't be completely sure which is correct as I wasn't there myself, but Haug does say he was transcribing video taken at the time (which may be posted later).

This isn't a glowing example of good blogging. In fact the original post - which has caused a stir in the blogosphere - seems to be nothing more than tabloid journalism, "lurid or sensational".

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