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Friday, October 06, 2006

Carbonite free trial

Carbonite, the easy-to-use online back-up system I highly recommend, is running a 15-day free trial.

It's quite cunning - it will probably take that time to upload all your data. By which time, Carbonite clearly hope you'll just sign up to the $5/month service to keep your data safe.

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Hi, you can also take a look at IBackup for Windows, which was recently rated by PC World as the `best all-around backup service.

With IBackup for Windows the backup and restores of files and folders are fast, easy and reliable IBackup has easy-to-use wizards for interactive backups, restores and backup/restore scheduling. IBackup for Windows also has the look and feel of the Windows Explorer with some great features to backup and restore important data. IBackup accounts are compatible with most FTP clients on most platforms providing a powerful flexible tool to transfer files.

A good thing about IBackup is that the online account can be mapped as a local drive onto your computer with IDrive. Then you can work on the files and folders stored in your account, edit and save them. You can also drag and drop files to the IBackup account from the Windows explorer. IDrive for Mac is an excellent desktop interface for working with your IBackup account and Mac. It allows operations like copy-and-paste, drag and drop, direct editing and more.

IDrive Multimedia is an advanced drive mapping technology, which can stream multimedia content using a media player. IDrive Multimedia is the most flexible Internet drive ever designed to support all multimedia formats that your PC applications support. If you need to work with database-like files such as Access, Act! or Filemaker, then use IDrive Multimedia. IDrive and IDrive Multimedia, the network mapping applications, do have SSL encryption enabled by default.

You can also try the browser-based application ‘Web-Manager’ that lets you to share files or folders with others by creating sharable links and emailing them to others. You can add sharing properties like password protection, so that people who are supposed to view them can view your files. You can Write Enable your shared files and folders so that others can modify your files and upload them back to your online account. You can also enable ‘locking’ for your shared files to avoid any mistaken overwriting. It also allows `private sharing of data’ instantly with another IBackup user.
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