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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wikimedia has a new board member - and there's a twist in the tale...

Wikimedia has just finished an open election for a new member for the Wikimedia Board. The results are here. (The turn-out is rather disappointing, considering that the election was open to all registered members across the many Wikimedia projects, and voting was very easy.)

I'm pleased Erik Moeller won - he's the founder of Wikinews, which I spent a great deal of time on last year, and Erik is a good bloke.

Here's the soap opera bit though: the election was brought about due to the resignation of Angela Beesley from the board. Erik is Angela's ex-boyfriend...

Angela left Erik and moved to Australia to be with her new boyfriend, Tim Starling, a Wikimedia sysadmin. Tim was the guy who set up Erik's IT permissions in Wikimedia after his victory.

Erik's participation on the board should also be interesting: there's considerable personal friction between him and Anthere, an existing board member, and also Tim Starling.

PS: Angela did send Erik a nice "congratulations" note.

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