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Saturday, September 02, 2006

TechCrunch UK off to a good start: plagiarising already

Sam Sethi of TechCrunch UK has "written" a post about the UK head of Microsoft's PR firm "not getting" blogs. His source is Tom Foremski.

Briefly compare those two posts. Note how all Sethi has done is copy and paste Foremski's post, changed a few words here and there, and is now claiming it as own work!

Pretty sloppy, really, but kinda what I expected from TechCrunch UK. I really don't understand it's reason for existence - surely with the internet, geographical barriers are now meaningless? So why can't the main TechCrunch blog cover Web 2.0 news from around the world, if it's interesting enough?

I don't particulary want to read about second-rate UK start-ups that aren't good enough to get into the main blog. (To be clear, I am British.)

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Thanks Dan. :-( I understand your concerns. But let's get a few facts right. I am not a professional journalist, I am not being paid to do this and I am making no personal gain from TCUK!

Techcrunch is an initiative I started with a few friends to try and raise the awareness of UK start-ups. We planned to run a site called Unplugged London but felt we could HELP UK START_UPS by working with TechCrunch.

They may all be "second rate" (sorry plagerising again)in your opinion but unless we do someting to raise the awareness then nothing will change. If the end result of my work is that there are no good start-up s then so be it. Better to try and fail than to do nothing at all like some people seem to do ... other than criticise others!
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