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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Picasa 2.5: crippled

Why did I upgrade to the final version... well, how I was I supposed to know they've removed one of the most vital features?

In the old Picasa, when you connected your camera, you had the option of simply excluding shots from being imported. This made it incredibly quick and simple to scan through the pictures you'd taken removing the crap ones (and with digital cameras, there are plenty!) leaving the gems.

But as of version 2.5, the little "exclude" button has gone. Now, you have to import *every* *single* picture, then go through them and delete them by hand. Worse, deleting in Picasa is a two-click affair - once to delete, then again to confirm. And even worse than that, there's a bug that means once you've deleted a picture it skips to the next album in your library.

This has crippled Picasa, and I'm now searching for ways to downgrade to the previous version fast...

UPDATE: after some searching (which led to me adding links above) I've discovered a hidden feature where you can press the "x" key to exclude pictures. Phew. Taking out the exclude button was still a mistake though.

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