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Friday, September 22, 2006

Notes and news round-up

Tech bloggers get pissy again: Michael Arrington has the real story of the Techcrunch/Techcrush. I'll be subscribing to Techcrush, btw, it looks a fascinating blog.

An excellent blog post on the different skins of Vista, complete with roll-over images making comparisons easy.

A beginner blogger reviews all the major hosted services, and rates Wordpress best. Wordpress weren't offering hosted blogs when I started this blog; I might have gone with them. I think she's a bit hard on Blogger though, it is an excellent service. Apart from the spellchecker, that is, which doesn't even know the word "blog"(!).

I spied: Google Earth being used to provide the visuals for a British Airways advert in a prime time TV show. In the same show there was also an advert for the iPod - simply a revolving silhouetted Bob Dylan. How many adverts for non-Apple MP3 players have you seen? The result is Apple's market dominance.

Microsoft will have to really come up with something special to make even a small dent in iPod's sales with the Zune. Here's a good "insider" blog to find out if they will have a chance.

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I use wordpress and love it - it's the most sophisticated and user-friendly blogging software around, in my opinion!
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