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Saturday, September 30, 2006

A nice little touch of AJAX for Bloglines

Bloglines received a minor upgrade on Thursday: the "tree" view - the left pane listing your feeds - now updates via AJAX. This means post counts update more quickly, and the system also polls for new posts more often. It also fades in a nice little indicator in the bottom corner alerting you to new posts. The technology appears to be the same that has been powering their edit feeds view.

It's a neat touch. Bloglines was already very easy to use - it is all about reading posts, not being fancy, as so many other feedreaders seem to be about. The clutter of Rojo, for example, drives me mad, and the new Javascript-heavy Google Reader is as slow as molasses in comparison with Bloglines. Reader even has a "loading..." page...

No, Bloglines is the quick and effective way to read posts, and I highly recommend it. For those who love a "river of news" view, just click the top level folder in the left pane and you'll get your river. Why one would want to mix all ones feeds together though escapes me: I find some feeds more interesting than others, so read them more often. Every so often I'll check on the others. I wouldn't want prime posts from Scoble, for example, mixed in with everything from Slashdot.

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