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Friday, September 08, 2006

A last word on Facebook

Just to expand on the post below that I copied verbatim from the Facebook blog (I wasn't sure if none members could view it - apparently they can).

The new privacy settings join Facebook's existing, and very flexible, privacy options. You can now decide which of each kind of change you make on your profile - groups joined or left, comments posted, "status" changes etc. - will be posted to the Feed. It's good.

Call me cynical though but I do wonder if Zuckerberg and his team did not already have this coded up before the launch. There has been a massive publicity spike as a result of this - and it's all just as the site's main customers, students, are going back to college! What a co-incidence... Zuckerberg must've known the new features were going to cause a storm, and once the desired level of publicity had been reached... bingo, he could roll out the new options placating everyone and winning plaudits for listening to and communicating with his users.

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