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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Apple Showtime: place your bets!

It's only hours until Apple's invite-only "Showtime" event gets underway (kick-off due 10am local time, click here for other times around the world.)

There's plenty of rumour on what the announcement is going to be. Gizmodo reckons it has the scoop: iTunes 7 featuring Disney and Pixar movie downloads, fed wirelessly to your HDTV by an USB Mac add-on. Pretty much what everyone else is saying!

I'm not expecting quite so much. I can't forget when Google was supposed to announce the Microsoft Office killer, and instead said they were going to offer OpenOffice.org as an add-on when you download the Google Toolbar (wuh?). Hmmm, the blogosphere got that one wrong big-time...

My cynical self thinks a comment on a TechCrunch post (comment number 12) has it right: Front Row for Windows.

I hope I am proved wrong! Find out with live blogging from CrunchGear and, no doubt, many others.

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