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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Rojo: for me, rubbish

I just tried Rojo, the current hip web feedreader. I happily imported my OPML from Bloglines, and ewww, is the Rojo interface horrible!

First, all feeds are mixed together, so I can't, say, just read TechCrunch stories for a bit while letting Digg backlog. Second, to read the stories within the reader page I have to click a tiny "plus" symbol, which then jerkily reveals the post. I got bored of doing that on my second click.

Definitely staying with Bloglines. It's deeply uncool, but very effective: feeds on the left, with number of unread posts in brackets. Posts on the right, in a simple (blog-like) series, one after another, so to read them I just scroll.

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