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Sunday, August 20, 2006

GAIM down

GAIM, the popular instant messaging client that allows you to access multiple IM networks from one app (and sans the ugly advertising), is U/S. It's crashing when it tries to connect to MSN, rendering it pretty useless at the moment.

A fix is planned but the GAIM team never seem quick to post new versions. If GAIM remains unusable for much longer (it's been down since August 16 already), it could be the end for GAIM - certainly I'm switching to a new client, and may well never switch back, and I expect many more users will be doing likewise.

Ironically, considering my last post, a strong contender to be a replacement is Meebo. It doesn't work too nicely in Opera (can't move or resize the chat "windows"), but it is perhaps the neatest and handiest of all web apps being quick and simple to use.

While I rarely feel the need to do work from a public computer (and hence no need to use the majority of web apps), I often like a quick chat with friends to go with checking email and news.

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