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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The disappointment of Zoho

Microsoft Office is a suite. So is OpenOffice.org. The advantage is that once you have mastered the basics in one app - say printing, saving, spell-checking etc. - you find that the same methods work in all the other apps in the suite. The same buttons, icons, dialogue boxes and interactions. It's a great time saver and means you can feel right at home with powerful software quickly.

Zoho provide almost a complete online office suite - wordprocessor, spreadsheet, presentations, database - the main guys are there. However in using them I was very disappointed to find that each program had a *totally* different look-and-feel to them - they were, in effect, four entirely separate applications. They in no way felt part of a suite, and do not have any of the advantages outlined above.

I suspect Zoho managed to generate so much software in such little time by having separate groups working on the projects in effective isolation - little or no co-ordination on such matters as the GUI. I sincerely hope Zoho overcome this and work to unify their offerings - if they do, they will have a killer on their hands.

For a good review of Zoho's suite, click here.

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Nice post, Dan! You are right about different Zoho apps having very different UI & sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The reason for this is that each Zoho service team has the freedom to choose their own UI for their product. Now that we have users using all Zoho services & we have got feedback about the different UI designs, we will be converging on a particular look & feel soon. And we will be offering skins/themes as well.
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