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Friday, August 25, 2006

The bizarre tale of "GuillameB" and TechCrunch France

This is a strange one: someone who claimed to have been "working" for TechCrunch France has "quit" after not getting paid for his work. Except that he seemed to make the job for himself:

This appears to be what happened:

1. Guillaume was asked by Ouriel (the real editor of TCF) to cover for him while he was away.
2. Guillaume is asked by Ouriel to TCF work for translating articles written by Arrington and co. on TechCrunch, but doesn't bother with such little details as finding out what he's going to be paid.
3. Guillaume wait for the paycheck to arrive.
4. It doesn't. Guillaume "leaves".
5. Guillame attacks the main TechCrunch staff, who haven't even heard of him before.

What did you expect exactly, Guillaume? That after volunteering your services you would magically start getting paid without even asking if your help was needed or wanted, or would be renumerated?! The world certainly doesn't work like that!

TechCrunch would make a good soap opera...

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It sure is a soap opera!
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