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Friday, July 14, 2006

Zooomr 2.0 is coming! Really, it is this time!

It seems Omnidrive is about to take the prize from Zooomr for the longest period from promising it-will-be-ready-next-week until the product actually rolling.

For Zooomr 2.0, which was originally promised in March, is launching tonight. Yes, TONIGHT!! There's a neat countdown to the relaunch, which is taking place at the Valleyschwag 3 party.

In June, Thomas Hawk joined Zooomr and has been very active on the Zooomr blog since then, bringing it back to life. Zooomr now also has another employee, Micheal-the-support-guy, bringing the total workforce to three (including Kris Tate, who started Zooomr).

Also worth a look is the neat Zooomr hits blog, a daily sample of the best from Zooomr. Well worth keeping an eye on.

Finally, I've also found a solution to a long-standing bugbear of mine with Zooomr: how to geotag pictures. However, that process will probably change in 2.0!

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Dan I think we (Omnidrive) have beaten flock and zooomr!

In all seriousness though, with 3 desktop clients and a web application plus a lot more - we have a lot more to release than either Zooomr or Flock do. The wait will be worth it
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