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Thursday, July 13, 2006

TechCrunch's missing post

Today Marshall Kirkpatrick posted good review of Firefox 2.0 beta on TechCrunch. You can see the post as it appeared in my feedreader here.

However when I tried to leave a comment I was given a 404. Clicking the post title gives the same result.

Any ideas why? It seemed a fair review, free of the hype that typically surrounds Firefox.

My comment would've been this: with the addition of tab drag'n'drop in 1.5, and the ability to re-open closed tabs in 2.0, Firefox is creeping towards what Opera already offers in terms of features - however Opera has no system-destroying memory leak! Neither does it crash after a long period of usage.

The one big failing of Opera was poor support for AJAX rich web applications (e.g. it couldn't open Google Calendar or 30Boxes). Opera 9 has vastly improved in this area, and I've yet to find an web app it fails on. If you haven't tried Opera, I highly recommend you do - you might like what you find!

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