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Friday, June 23, 2006

Opera 9 is out

Opera 9 has been released. The upgrade was fast and painless.

Outwardly it appears identical to 8.5, but it's under the surface that the main changes have taken place: it seems much better at handling AJAX, CSS etc., and the rendering of "web 2.0" sites is much improved. For instance: Google Calendars now works correctly, and full posting optons are available in Blogger. I had been using Firefox occasionally to access sites that were not happy in Opera; it looks like I will be doing this much less.

Opera's website deserves a mention. I love what they have done with their branding and style, using large dramatic pictures. It's the best product website I've ever seen. Another neat touch is that there's only one version of the Opera 9 installer file - an "international" version that includes all languages, and you chose your language during installation. Much better than picking the right installer file from a long list.

Opera 9 comes highly recommended.

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