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Thursday, June 29, 2006

My fave video sharing site

Is Grouper.

It's very flexible: you can upload in any format you want and it will encode your video in WM9 and the lastest Flash Video 8 codec. If don't want to upload a large file, you can download a client to encode your video on your desktop and then send the finished, compressed file. You can also edit video, change the sound track and embed still images.

The site has a neat AJAX interface. For example, when you sign up, you do it in a small box in the page. When done, you're still on the same page (say a video you were watching), but without reloading you're now a member and can access member facilities.

There's also a host of video sharing features - the usual such as html snippets to embed a video in a page (e.g. a blog), but there's also direct intergration with Blogger, MySpace and Wordpress which makes sharing interesting stuff you find a snap.

In all, Grouper has more features than YouTube but feels just as easy - if not easier - to use. It's certainly more flexible. Well worth a look if you're looking for a video host.

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