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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Actually, FeedPass does do something!

Some people seem to be missing the point of the new service FeedPass.

If you list your RSS feed on your site you have two main options: just list the RSS link, or put a host of "subscribe to this feed in X" badges on your pages. If you chose the first method, your readers often have to copy and paste the link into their feedreaders (not all Firefox users want to use Live Bookmarks and I don't like Opera's feedreader). If you chose the second method, your site looks a mess. I did put a Bloglines link on my page, because Bloglines is my favourite reader :-).

Where FeedPass comes in is that if someone clicks on your sole RSS link, they'll be offered many different options for signing up to your feed - much more intuitive than copy and pasting, and much neater than dozens of badges. The fact that FeedPass can also generate you income and FeedPass themselves have a business model from the get-go is no bad thing either.

I rather like.

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