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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Zooomr uploader update

OK, through Paynito I discovered the original Sourceforge home of the Java Zooomr uploader, jUploadr. Initially it wouldn't run - while other Java apps work just fine on my system - but after using the create a new envinronment variable fix for Windows I got the thing to work.

However it appears to be a Flickr uploader, not a Zooomr uploader, and if there's a way to get it to upload to Zooomr instead (I believe they have compatible APIs), I haven't found it...

Update Paynito pointed me to the "zooomr-ised" version of jUploadr. It's the one I found - via the Zooomr blog - the first time round, but failed to get it to work, no doubt as I had then not performed the environment variable fix.

It's also a bit weird that a Windows file comes tarred and gzipped! Still, being hidden away at the moment, I guess it's still on Kris's list of Things to Do and will be improved before being made public.

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Hi Dan,

Zooomr does support the Flickr API and I'm working with key developers so that Flickr uploaders and applications can play with both Flickr and Zooomr alike.

Zooomr 2 will be coming out this week, so keep your eyes out for it.

Kristopher Tate
cto & founder -- bluebridge tech / zooomr
I've been waiting for your post - in fact, that's why I turned comments back on :-).

I must say it's very cool to have the operator of a website check what people are saying about it, and even respond.

I look forward to Zooomr 2!
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