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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Zooomr on Firefox

For fairness, it's worth pointing out that I originally tested Zooomr using Opera, my browser of choice. It so happens that my mum prefers Firefox (I believe everyone should test all browsers, and use the one that suits them), so I took the opportunity to test Zooomr on Firefox 1.5.

A few things improved: the icons in the thumbnail pictures now have pop-ups that explain their function. The site also felt faster, especially the Lightmap that run much faster than on Opera. The adverts also displayed in the right places (ie not in the middle of the map!). Photograph pages also seemed to load more quickly - I couldn't spot a page redraw when moving from one photograph in a catalouge to the next, something I could see in Opera.

It's worth noting though that Zooomr is completely broken in IE6. The Inspector, Lightbox and Lightmap all have parts missing and the whole site is generally unhappy. Zooomr really needs to work with all browsers - again, I can't use a site which won't display properly when I direct my IE-using friends towards it.

So same conclusions as before - it's definitely a much more polished product when viewed with Firefox, and the site clearly has immense potential, there's just a lot of work on niggles and cross-browser compatibility to be done.

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Zooomr is functional on IE6, although some of the graphics look bad due to a very old PNG Alpha problem. As for Opera, version 9 will be coming-out soon and under testing it, Opera works just as well as FireFox 1.5

It's hard to be innovative when companies such as Microsoft do not follow standards or even decide to update their flagship browser. Though, with IE7 on the horizon, I am not worrying too much about IE compatibility.
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