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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Using box.net

Box.net does seem to be the current market leader in online file storage, so I decided to give their free account a whirl, 10Mb single file upload limit notwithstanding (claimed to be a measure to prevent illegal file sharing, although that makes no sense to me - would stop video, but not audio).

One thing I was really looking forwards to was using their desktop client, Box Desktop. But can I find a download link for it? Can I 'eck! The help is - much like Zooomr's - worse than useless, alluding to the existence of the software but directing one to a help section that doesn't exist.

I get the impresssion from the box.net blog that the software is in fact still in private beta, but it's far from clear and there's no word of a public release date.

The Flash 8 multiple file uploader also doesn't work, just as Bubbleshare's did not - an Opera quirk perhaps?

So as it stands, limited to one-at-a-time uploads, box.net is not a lot of use.

Only two days to the launch of Omnidrive though - and I must say after everything I've read - basically the founder's blog - I'm really looking forwards to trying the beta. I signed up for it a few days back, so I guess I must be pretty low in the queue, but I hope I get an account on Monday. It sounds like it will be the perfect solution to online storage - let's see if it lives up to its' promise....

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Can you drop me an email directly and we'll get you setup on Omnidrive.

Tony Guntharp
fusion94 at omnidrive dot com
Hi Tony,

YGM :-)
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