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Saturday, April 15, 2006

I succumbed to the lure of Flickr

So I started uploading all my photos to 23. I soon discovered that - even resizing photos to 800x600 - I was still rapidly using up my 20Mb monthly limit. I was also not enjoying using the rather unpolished uploader, and found that in order to arrange my pictures into albums on 23, I had to manually do that after uploading the pictures which was a hassle.

So I opened the official Flickr uploader I'd downloaded previously. Slick and polished; enjoyable to use. And I could put my pictures into sets before uploading them.

So faced with the prospect of having to purchase a pro account from 23 (some $35 versus Flickr's $25), I just and bought a Flickr pro account.

And I must say, I really do prefer the look and feel of Flickr over 23, even if 23 has the more intuitive interface. But I want my photos to look good :-).

Also, Zooomr made some changes this week. (As Kris points out in the comments, Zooomr 2 itself has not been released.) I could see one change on the site itself - a person's photos arranged in a strip of thumbnails above the main picture on a photo page. More significantly, Kris is now using OpenID exclusively for signing up new accounts, which addresses one of the biggest problems Zooomr had (the multiple logins). The "indentity url" business is a little odd - not a normal username & password affair - but OpenID is basically a good system, and Zooomr is a lot more user-friendly for now only offering one sign-up process.

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Hi Dan,

You are incorrect about Zooomr 2 being released as of yet. Please kindly stay-tuned for later developments.

Oh, right! I'll edit accordingly.
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