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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A good post on some new Web 2.0 startups at SFWIN

Geodog's coverage of the March San Francisco Web Innovators Network is interesting and objective. I particularly like his comments on young people in tiny companies giving themselves "C" titles :-).

Towards the end of the post there's a very handy comparison of the same pictures on Flickr, Bubbleshare and Zooomr. Iseems 23hq is getting left out in the cold - too similar to Flickr? Or is it because 23hq is based in Europe, so can't create the local "buzz" California-based sites can?

It's a little ironic that when a web company could be based any where in the world and the end-user would never tell the difference, being based in the Silicon Valley and being able to "network" face-to-face still counts for so much.

By the way, sounds like Zooomr 2 is launching tomorrow at the April SFWIN event. If I only I didn't live on the other side of the Atlantic...

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