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Saturday, August 06, 2005


Last night, Wikinews scooped most of the world's press. Who says we're no better than anyone else?

When I sat down to write about the trapped Russian minisub, AFP, Reuters etc were all reporting that the submarine had been taken under tow by the Russian navy, after a report to that effect had been made on Russian TV.

However, I thought I'd better check what the Russian press agencies were saying themselves. And what do you know? The sub wasn't under tow, but in fact is trapped by a 60t anchor.

The Western press agencies were totally unaware of this, and Wikinews brought this news to the world outside Russia before anyone else.

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I feel this is somewhat typical, and mayhaps even misleading by Western media, maybe they did know, or were mislead to take attention off this situation and onto more 'important' news.
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