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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wikinews or NGerda news?

I had a feeling he could be trouble from the start - his stated goal was to become an admin. Soon after he applied - after just editing a few stories and uploading a picture or two, needless to say, his application failed.

However he re-applied just a month later - just when I was a on a wikibreak. Despite is inexperience, he gained adminship this time.

Now he's trying to run the site like he owns it. He makes big changes at will without consulting anyone, and will not back down. He has to have the last word on everything. He will not consider any viewpoint other than his own.

He's even going a little crazy - when Eloquence asked for a list of 'Featured article', NGerda simply listed articles he's written!

In fact I've even just discovered that he tried to remove the RSS feed from the front page! A service running since February with 1,100 readers!

We've had only a handful of stories in the last few days - the site is nose-diving. I can't help but wonder if all this is connected.

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I agree Dan, i'm very concerned about him. Perhaps he is just very entusiastic... but he has clocked up over 2,600 edits already! One day he even updated the edit count on my userpage - its like he sees it as a competition. I really don't know how to restrict him - I believe no user - not even myself! - should be making over 10-15% of the edits in a single day; Erik, who I have a lot of respect for, restricts his time on the wiki to ensure he does not overinfluence it. I just don't know what to do...
I'm glad you said that - now I know it's not just me feeling this way. In fact, I've heard from another Wikinewsie who agrees, too.

One of the reasons why I cut back my time on site in May was that I, too, felt I was making too many edits and was being too over-bearing. It's not welcoming to newbies when all they see is a few people makine nearly all the edits - it's cliquey.

I think I've reached a happy medium now - normally just one 'pass' a day, no more than an hour or two.

NGerda has since said he's leaving. I expect he'll be back, but at least it gives us some breathing space. For now, I hope the whole issue will die quiet death.
It's nose-diving because it is agenda driven. I had considered becoming more involved, but gave up when I realised that instead of providing plain spoken objective news accounts I would have to spend my time on the offensive and risk exposing my own POV. While it is not possible to avoid a certain amount of bias by the very choice on what people write about, it is possible to report on a topic in a neutral fashion. There are two prolific people there who are bent on using it to make a case against the iraq war. I don't mind their opinion but facts are facts - just report them and leave the sum evidence for the individual to decide on. What a shame.
Anon, that is *exactly* how I feel, and *exactly* what I aim to do (all of what you have said). So please, do join in! You'd more than welcome, and would be fully supported. Although there are PoV pushers on the site, there are also plenty of staunch supporters of the neutral point of view policy, too.
Point taken.
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