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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What it comes down to

is that Wikinews is my hobby - my pastime, my bit of fun.

Or rather, it was. Now NGerda is bent on making the site his, it's no longer fun at all - and that makes me sad.

Of course, the obvious rejoinder is that I'm behaving exactly like NGerda. Well, I wouldn't agree with that. First, I've always put our readers absolutely first - I my approach has always very much been "service-led" - to provide our readers with the best possible service. Second, I respect the wikiway and other people's concerns. I propose ideas, rather than just do them with no consultation. I listen and react to objections. NGerda does not - it's simply "I'm right, you're wrong" with him.

And I don't do crazy stuff, like removing important features of the site or pretending that my articles are the best on the site.

But if NGerda is hell-bent on making Wikinews his own, I guess I'll have to leave him to it, and move on.

It would mean killing the RSS feed though - and disappointing 1,100 readers. Of course, if NGerda doesn't back down over using DPLs on the front page that will happen anyway, but it's still a shame. I've manually updated it everyday for five months and dare I say it, I've done a good job. I can't imagine anyone else doing it.

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