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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Man the pumps!

Erik ("Eloquence") - our founder and our "Jimmy Wales" - is going to give a presentation on Wikinews at a conference on citizen journalism organised by OhMyNews in Korea.

(I wonder if Erik is paying for the trip himself - if he is, good man!)

He's asked that we get the place looking good and we need to have a decent number of stories everyday this week, so we're pitching in with renewed vigour.

As part of it, we now have a Featured Article page, much like Wikipedia, which will hopefully showcase our best work. I've introduced a 'Golden rule' I hope people will follow - you cannot list your own stories :-).

This is a vital opportunity to boost awareness of Wikinews and get interest in us up - we must not let Erik down!

In other news, we've also just scored our third highest ever level of visitor traffic. I don't know why - I've not heard of any 'big news' that previous peaks have often been associated with. We must just be getting more popular, I guess!

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I think Wikinews editors "manned the pumps" quite well.. I only hope we can maintain that momentum.
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